Welcome to Brocagh Precision Engineering

Based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BPE Ltd is a specialist precision engineering company who are renowned for their first class service in design, manufacturing, maintenance and repair for heavy industry clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

With over 20 years’ experience BPE Ltd has developed the reputation of providing high quality components combined with expert technical insight and support.

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  • CNC Mazak Lathe

    CNC Mazak Lathe

  • Automatic Saw

    Automatic Saw

  • CNC Plasma/Gas Cutting machine

    CNC Plasma/Gas Cutting machine

  • Manual Lathe

    Manual Lathe

  • CNC Lathe

    CNC Lathe

  • CNC Milling Machines

    CNC Milling Machines

  • Manual Milling Machines

    Manual Milling Machines

  • 5Ft Radial Arm Drill

    5Ft Radial Arm Drill

  • 90ton Steel Punch Worker

    90ton Steel Punch Worker

  • Mig & Arc welding facilities

    Mig & Arc welding facilities

  • Manual Gas Cutting

    Manual Gas Cutting